Aditi Thirani

Indian Accent Female Voice Artist

Commercials! So much is spent on making them and if you don’t get just the right voice, it could all be such a wasted effort! But since you’re here, I must say it’s definitely a step in the right direction

I’m a Professional Voice Over Artist and the top choice for Commercial, Tagline and Signature Voice Overs! I’ve been known to do a soft soothing promo just as easily as a bubbly energetic one.

And here’s what some of my clients say about me…

“You'd be lucky if she's the voice of your brand” “Hire her if you want a voice over that’s not voice over-ish but super natural and relatable”

“Her Voice is so trustworthy; I would buy whatever she’s selling.”

“She’s Miss Dependable, just give her the script and forget the rest.”

“A chirpy and intelligent artist, she’s one of the most loved voices of our digital films.”

“Aditi has such a fine voice. Her tone is very unique and memorable, even delivered ahead of schedule.”

I have almost a decade worth of experience recording for commercials, promos and taglines. I offer a complete range of Global/Neutral Accent and Hindi & Urdu Voice Over Services. Still contemplating? Well, go on and check my work below!

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