About Aditi

My Skills

Not to be mistaken for any regular Blabbermouth, she is a Professional Blabbermouth or a Voice Over Artist if you must.

The smooth..husky..soothing texture of her voice is commonly used for signature voice overs. Clients love the relatable quality of her voice, because it connects with listeners instantly (Now this has started sounding like one of those commercials she records)

She can do a bubbly upbeat voice over with the same ease as a deep sensous one. And whether it a Commercials or a Narration or a Spot, she's got her game on! She’s been in the Media hub, Mumbai, since only 5 years and has already got innumerable brands under her belt.

Bournvita, Stayfree, Blenders Pride, Google, GoDaddy, Garnier, Star Plus, Discovery, Budweiser, Savlon, TLC, Zee, Air India, Amul, Nutralite, TATA, Reliance, HDFC, Staples, Saavn, Godrej, Amnesty, Amazon, VIVO, Gionee, Samsung, SOTC, Pernod Ricard, HP, Nestle, Bose, AT&T, MotoX, Belvedere, Vodafone, Lexus, L&T, Mahindra to name just a “few”.

Even globally, there's quite a demand for this husky voice.

In the end, her work says it all and only when you have heard it yourself, will you realise Professional Blabbermouth’s potential to bring your words to life.

Get in touch for any kind of Indian or Global/Neutral Accent and Hindi voice-over needs.

Aditi Thirani