Aditi Thirani

Indian Accent Female Voice Artist

Your search for a brilliant voice ends here.

Aditi Thirani is a Blabbermouth..

Wait! Scratch that!

Aditi Thirani is a Professional Blabbermouth! In simpler terms, a Professional Voice Over Artist based in Mumbai, India. Aditi Thirani is the top choice for Commerical, Tagline and Signature Voice Overs.

A unique and versatile voice, she can do a soft soothing promo just as easily as she can do a bubbly energetic one.

Aditi operates in a top notch professional sound studio to churn out studio quality output for you super fast and efficiently. Not only is she a brliliant voice artist but also has years of experience recording commercials, promos and taglines, and offers a complete range of Global/Neutral Accent and Hindi & Urdu Voice Over Services.

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